Meet the Cembrit Visualiser

Visualise your ideas and watch them come to life! 

Surface texture, colour, etc. – Choosing the right facade solution can be tricky. Especially if you do not have a clear idea of the end result. Experience the Cembrit visualiser and discover selected Cembrit façade boards visualised on different building types.
More products will be added continuously to improve the visualization experience even further. However, at the beginning, you will be able to browse the authentic Patina design line. 

Patina Design Line

The Cembrit Patina design line is a range of natural and authentic facade boards with unique features. Each facade board is as individual as nature itself. It has natural variations and patinates as seasons change and time passes.

  • Cembrit Patina Original - the trusted classic
  • Cembrit Patina Rough - the velvety alternative
  • Cembrit Patina Inline – linear milled indentations that add character 

By clicking the ‘Start Visualiser’ button below, you can browse between six building types. Clicking further will provide you with more visualisation options - within each building type, you can choose to apply the different Patina board surfaces and colours.